Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Skin Care

So on Saturday I went to have a facial at the Clinque counter at one of the department stores where I live, It wasn't like a normal facial that you would normally have. The woman doing my facial told me how to use the products correctly and what would help my skin (I suffer from regular spots) so it was exactly what I needed.
And afterwards I did a little skin care shopping spree! This is what I got and how much it cost.

1. Everything that was purchased, and also freebies

2. Facial Soap with Dish = £13 (150g)

3. Anti-blemish solution Clarifying Lotion = £16.50 (200ml) 

4. The mask -oil control cleansing mask = £16 (100ml)

5. All the little goodies that I got with my facial YAY

Well I will do another post in 2 weeks to show how the skin product went ! enjoy

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